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Where Nightmares are Made

bloody gore props
  • complete rooms and package deals
  • frozen props
  • anatomy gore jars
  • skeleton props
  • haunted scenery and custom facades

Demented Design Studio's Custom Gore Props

We custom design gore props for any haunted house and halloween decoration. We specialize in: monster creation, FX props, bloody gore parts, and scene building. We cater to the film industry, theme parks and the haunt Industry from commercial to residential.

Haunted House Props & Halloween Decorations Specialty

  • Zombie Props
  • Affordable Halloween Props
  • Commercial Animatronics
  • Haunted House Facades
  • Creepy Cemetery Props
  • Prop Package Deals
  • Custom building
  • Custom Gore Props
  • Bloody Body Parts
  • Professional Halloween Props
Custom Gore Props