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Why Be Normal When You Can Be Demented

bloody gore props
  • complete rooms and package deals
  • frozen props
  • anatomy gore jars
  • skeleton props
  • haunted scenery and custom facades

zombies scary halloween masks grim reaper statue

Demented Design Studio's Custom Halloween Props

Halloween Props

We custom design gore props for any haunted house and halloween decoration. We specialize in: monster creation, FX props, bloody gore parts, and scene building. We cater to the film industry, theme parks and the haunt Industry from commercial to residential.

Haunted House Props & Halloween Decorations Specialty

  • Zombie Props
  • Affordable Halloween Props
  • Commercial Animatronics
  • Haunted House Facades
  • Creepy Cemetery Props
  • Prop Package Deals
  • Custom building
  • Custom Gore Props
  • Bloody Body Parts
  • Professional Halloween Props
Custom Gore Props